A recent study shows that children who perform acts of kindness with others tend to be happier and more accepted by their peers.

400 children ages 9-12 rated themselves on their level of happiness. Then the children were divided into two groups. One group was asked to keep track of pleasant places they visited. The second group was asked to perform acts of kindness, such as giving their mother a hug when she felt down or sharing their lunch with a friend.

After four weeks, the children rated their level of happiness. Both groups showed improvement but eh children who performed acts of kindness were significantly happier.

Then each child was asked to circle which children in their class they would enjoy working with on a project. The children who performed acts of kindness selected more children than the other group, demonstrating that they developed a greater acceptance of others. It didn’t matter if the children were being kind to peers or a family member. The children were globally more happy and accepting of others.

This study shows that by teaching your child to do kind things for others, you can encourage your child to be happier and get along better with friends.

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Kids Who Perform Kind Acts Are Happier


    Anthony Kane, MD
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            I believe my daughter is ADHD b/c even tho she shows some ODD symtoms, she’s not vindictive and she doesn’t hold grudges.

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