Today we are going to discuss a very interesting technique that will help you reduce the level of anger in your ODD children. I would like to say right now, when you can apply it, it is 100% effective. I will explain to you why that is.

We all know that emotions affect the body.  Meaning a person who is upset or angry has a faster pulse, higher blood pressure, there are physiological changes in the body because of emotions.

What many people do not realize is that it goes the other way too. You can actually control your emotions by changing your body. This very important and very powerful because a lot of us cannot control our emotions very well, but we all have complete control over what our body does.

This is how you can use this idea. What you can do if your child is upset, angry, fighting, or making an angry face, take a pen and give it to your child. Have your child put the pen in his mouth sideways so that he bites down and the pen forces a smile on his face.

When a person is smiling, it is physiologically impossible to continue to be angry. So as long as your child has a pen in his mouth and if he keeps it in long enough, he stops being angry.

Again, it is physiologically impossible to be angry when you are smiling. Smiling will force a person’s emotions to get out of anger and will work every time, providing that you can have your child do it.

This technique was really developed to work best in the car when siblings are fighting and won’t stop. Have both children bite down on pens until the end of the car ride and by that time they should both be laughing and not fighting.

Again, this is a great technique when you can use it. This technique is 100% effective. It shows parents a good principle that you can control the body to change the emotions. This is one example of many to change your child’s body physiologically. Your children will have fun and it will work.

This is Dr. Anthony Kane with the Complete Connection Parenting Program.
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