Today we are going to discuss the importance of being able to redirect your oppositional defiant disorder child’s behavior. Now many times our children do things that we do not like and we want them to stop doing it and tell them to stop doing it.

The problem is that this technique does not work. It does not work because children, especially ODD or ADHD children, need to be told what else to do and not to stop doing what they are doing. Children need to be given a redirection.

For example, if a child is doing something that bothers you and you just tell her to stop doing it she will not know what else to do instead. It would certainly be more effective if your told your child to not do this, but do this instead.

This will help your child to change directions. It will also make it easier for your child to comply. Another great thing it will do is it will also bring down a lot of the tension in the house.

What I recommend parents to do is to have a list of things that your child likes to do, especially if your child has ODD or ADHD. You can either remember this list of things or better yet, write them down in a convenient location. The benefit to writing down what your child likes to do is that it will be a quick reference to help you replace the negative behavior when needed.

Let’s say for example that you are trying to talk on the phone and your defiant child is banging on something near to you. My own kid’s liked to bang on pots when they were very small. If you redirect the child and say don’t bang on the pots, come over here and play with this toy.

This gives them something else to do. It makes it much easier to redirect the child and lets the child change direction very easily. So the idea is that when your defiant child is doing something wrong, give her another choice which she finds equally or more appealing. This will allow you as the parent to choose the behavior of your child.

This way you are not screaming or scolding your ODD child all the time. Instead you, the parent, are redirecting your defiant child to a better behavior. You are giving your child a different direction to go in.

Avoiding battles makes it a lot easier to be a parent. This is one of the ways of doing it. So the idea is to redirect your child and give her something else to do instead of the bad behavior. This is the best way to avoid battles, conflicts, and scolding. Your house will be a much better place to live.

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