Today we are going to discuss a very powerful technique which will help you when your ODD child is angry and tensions in the house are very high. This is something that is not just a parenting tip, but it is also useful in a person’s entire life as well.

I first learned this when I was an intern in surgery at the University of Cincinnati and learned this from the senior resident. The idea is that when tensions are high and people are excited, the most important thing that you can do to keep control is to speak very slowly and speak softly.

What this does is it lowers the level of tension in the room. I learned this when I was a resident, but I have also seen several references to this since then. One example was in a letter to his son over 800 years ago. Another example is in the bible from King Solomon in proverbs.

So this is an idea that has been used throughout the ages. It is a well know idea and is very useful. What you, as a parent, can do with this is keep calm by lowering your voice and this will then calm down your excited child.

Speaking slowly and softly during fights and arguments with your children will also lower tension in your home. This technique works well with oppositional defiant disorder children and teens. It works very well and is very effective.

This is Dr. Anthony Kane with the Complete Connection Parenting Program with another parenting tip for your today. If you would like more tips or sign up for our free newsletter, please visit our website at

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