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1-Show Your Teen Respect:
Relationships are reciprocal. You cannot expect respect from your child if you do not show him respect.

2-Set Reasonable Limits:
You need to give your child space but you also need to have very clear guidelines of what is and what is not acceptable. Your child understands that appropriate restrictions mean that you care. It also means you are accepting responsibility to guide your child and he will respect you fro that.

3-Keep Communication Open:
You need to be available and judgement free. Your teen has to feel it is safe to talk to you and that you are there when he needs to talk.

4-Don’t Feel Rejected:

It is normal for your teenager to prefer friends to family in this stage of development. This is what your child needs to do to mature into a healthy adult. It is not personal so don’t take ti that way.

5-Don’t Be Hypocritical:
“Do as I say, not as I do” didn’t work when your child was young. It sill not work when he is a teenager, either.

6-Give Responsibility:
Age does not make a child more responsible. Being given responsibility makes a child more responsible.

7-Give Recognition:
Acknowledging what your teen does to help around the house will have several effects/ It will make your child more willing to keep on helping. It will encourage your child to do more. It will make your child feel appreciated which will make him more likely to appreciate you and treat you with respect.

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