33% of teens will experience some form of dating abuse.

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Dating abuse includes:

Physical Abuse:
Use of physical force in order to cause fear or coerce.

Sexual Abuse:
Controlling another’s sexual behavior. This includes rape, sexual coercion, and restricting access to birth control or protection.

Emotional Abuse:
This includes verbal threats, insults, humiliation, or intimidation.

Electronic Abuse:
This includes cyber-bullying, profile stalking, sexting, or using social media to threaten or control.

Here are some of the signs of abuse.

  • Checking cell phone or email without permission
  • Social isolating from friends or family
  • Excessive possessiveness
  • Extreme jealously or insecurity
  • Verbal abuse
  • Bossiness

For more information on teen dating abuse go to:

Teen Dating Violence Awareness

or call The National Dating Hotline at: 1-866-331-8452

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