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1-How his or her body works:
You should start teaching this to your child while young and progressively add more information as your child gets older.

2-How body image affects sexuality:
The more secure your child feels about her appearance the better she will feel about her sexuality. This is true for boys, too.

3-Gender differences:
Your child will need to learn about his gender, the opposite gender, and how they differ. These include both physical and social differences.
Defiant Child Disrespectful Child
4-Sexual feelings are normal:
The sex drive is very strong in adolescents. Your teen needs to know that this is normal and shouldn’t be worried or frightened by it. He also needs to know that he has to control it.

5-How the physical act of sex works:
Your teen needs to know what to do.

6-Sexual orientation:
What is straight. What is gay/lesbian. Where your child fits in.

7-How pregnancy happens:
Your teen needs to know about the menstrual cycle, fertilization, and pregnancy.

8-Safe sex:
Your child needs to know about venereal disease, teen pregnancy and how to be careful. Your teen should realize the risks and ramifications of being sexually active and to plan a head to be safe. Being spontaneous is romantic, but stupid.

9-The role sex plays in relationships:
The media has been very destructive in the area. Sex has been cheapened in music and in film.

Sexual activity can create a very strong emotional bond. Your child needs to realize that there is another person involved in a relationship and he must respect that other person’s feelings.

10-How to recognize sexual exploitation and emotional abuse:
There are people who use others for sex. Your child needs to be aware of this. Teach your child the signs of sexual and emotional abuse.

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