Problem solving is a critical skill for success in today’s world. Those who can find creative ways to solve problems that others can not will rise to the top of any situation in which they find themselves. This talent is what people call genius, but it is really just the ability to see possibilities that others do not see. And it is teachable.

You can help your child develop the ability to go beyond what others see. The first step to do this is to encourage him to use his imagination.

Here are four easy steps you can do right now.

1-Limit television and videos:
When children read they build an entire world out of the words on the page. They imagine images, colors, and sounds. They create things in their minds that they have never seen and formulate worlds that never existed before.

All of this is lost when they watch television or a video. The creator of the video tells them what to see and gives them what to hear.

If you want to help your child to be more imaginative, you can start by limiting how much television he watches.

2-Unstructured play:
Play helps your child to develop his mind. For millennium there were no children’s games or toys, yet children were able to keep themselves busy. We now have numerous toys, games, and structured activities to occupy young minds.

Children can get a lot of benefit from what is currently available. Many activities are very educational. however, there is a degree of creativity lost when a child has too much structure. This is one of the complaints against giving children too much homework.

You should try to schedule in your child’s day unstructured play time when he can let his imagination run wild.

3-Create stories:
Have your child make up stories. This is a great activity you can do with your child.

Start with pictures in a book. Ask your child questions about what he sees. Ask him what is going to happen after the picture. What took place before. This is a great way to get your child using his imagination.

4-Painting and crafts:
Children love to create things. They can do this with paint, crayons, block, etc.

This should be undirected. If your child wants the grass to be red, that’s okay.

There are many ways to encourage your child to be creative. It is important that you encourage this in your child. Be supportive full of praise and let your child express himself.

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