If you are like most parents you have probably discussed with your teen the dangers of alcohol. And if your teenager is like most teens, he or she probably ignored everything you said.

Most teens engage in underage drinking. Since we as parents don;t seem to be able to stop it, how do we handle our teenagers drinking?

Here are three tips to help you approach this problem.

    1-Adapt your focus:
    Instead of focusing your conversations on why not to drink, discuss what to do if your teen does get drunk. Emphasize that you are not endorsing underage drinking, but your child should not be afraid to call you if he or she makes a mistake. That’s a lot safer than trying to drive home drunk.

    2-Be aware of possible drinking situations:
    If your teen is going to a party or sleeping over a friend’s house be aware of the risks. If you feel the chance of alcohol use is high, have your teen call every hour or two. You can judge by your teenager’s voice and the background noise where your teen is holding.

    If you feel things are going in the wrong direction, pick up your child. Don;t get into a fight, but calmly tell your child that he needs to come home. You can discuss why after your teen calms down.

    3-If you catch your teen drunk:
    First get your child to bed without lectures or discussion. In the morning calmly explain that your are disappointed in her behavior and expect better from her in the future. Don’t lose control or go overboard on the punishment.

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