About two weeks ago, a woman in California gave birth to 8 children.  This is the second time octuplets were born in the US, about 10 years after the first set were born to a Nigerian couple in Texas.

However, this time was a bit different.  The mother of the 8 children is an unemployed single mom living on workman’s compensation and food stamps, who paid about $100,000 to a private expensive Beverly Hills fertility specialist to implant 8 embryos in her uterus.  This single mom, already gave birth to six other children, all through the artificial means.

The birth of these children raises a ton of legal and ethical questions.

1.    Considering that the cost of raising a single child to adulthood is about $200,000, does a woman who has no income have the right to use artificial means to bring 14 children into the world?

2.    Is it ethical for a physician to artificially bring about the birth of 14 children to a mother who has no known financial means of raising these children?

3.    Is it proper for a physician to artificially bring children into a single parent household?

4.    Should a woman who is living on public funds be able to use that money to create more children who will most probably be living on public funds?

5.    Is this a good thing or something that we don’t want to happen again?

6.    Is this is something that we as a society should prevent?  If so, how should we go about doing this?

These are just some of the comments and issues that have been brought up surrounding this story.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, I very much value life and children and I think it would be cool to have 8 children all at one shot.  Instant family.  (My wife does not share this sentiment.)

On the other hand, ignoring the economic and societal problems of this particular case, I have a very bad feeling about the whole situation.  It seems ‘improper’ to use such artificial means to come to such an unusual and unnatural end.

I would love to hear your opinion on this.  Please leave a comment on this.


Anthony Kane, MD

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36 Responses to “Unemployed Single Mom Gives Birth to 8 Children”

  1. Carey-Sue Ham Says:

    Where did this woman find the funds to pay for fertility treatment in the first place? I believe it is every womans fundamental right to have children, but only if they have the means to support them and I dont mean state benefits! For too long we taxpayers have been abused by the likes of this woman. She is disabled, but can manage to carry and raise 14 children……….something is seriously wrong here.

  2. Dawn Dickens Says:

    Hi, Why would you want to have children without a loving relationship. I know that people split up unfortunately but to do it like this and have more children is very irresponsible. I feel very sorry for the children, what life will they have, it is not their fault but they may suffer for what their mum has done. How will she afford to give them everything they need in her situation.

  3. shell Says:

    I don’t think we should give her any more TV time or any attention of any kind, much less government funding. It is hard enough for the working parents to make it and then your tax money pays for these kind of people. She has issues that need to be addressed.
    I think the doctors should have fines to pay, of some kind, not sure how to handle that but it was wrong. There are FAMILIES that can’t have children and can’t afford help. We have to go without children.

  4. Mary Says:

    The only comment I tend to have an issue with is the one about single parents.
    Yes, I know that it is harder for a single parent. I also know that a child is, in most cases, better off with both parents. However, many single parents raise great kids. It is not worse than the two parent household in which both parents work long hours, only to have the child essentially raised by babysitters or in wealthier familes, nannies.
    We have screening processes that include economic guidelines for adoptions. There should also be ones for fertility treatment like this.

    I do believe that if this woman can amass $100,000 living off the system, then many who barely get by living on workman’s comp want to meet her. I also believe that her parents should stop giving her a ride and she should try to really live ” off the system” instead of freeloading on them as well.

  5. Ranold Lukwago Says:

    I agree with you life must be valued and its cool to have children all at a shot.
    I have no comment on the legal, economical and societal implication.


  6. single mom Says:

    I feel sorry for the kids, both her current ones and the new kids. There is no way that she can adequately care for them, even if you and I are providing most or all of the financial support (which we are). I am a working single parent of one child, and I often lament not having enough quality time with him. Money is an issue here, but it is not the main issue. The main issue is quality of life. That, and having your life story being debated by people who don’t know you and probably never will… Their mom is a beautiful woman, but she’s got bats in her belfry.

  7. momof5 Says:

    It is a shame that she had these children without the economic means of taking care of them. That being said, we have to be careful about preventing multiple pregnancies based on economic means. The next thing you know we could prevent any poor person from having a family. Society’s scorn is more effective than legal ramifications.

  8. Ellen Says:

    If the government is paying for a child’s welfare then I believe that the mother (and father) should be required to receive a long term birth control shot (I think it lasts 5 years-not even sure they have one for men) upon the birth of the next child or if on welfare that they can get the shot for free. There should be a limit on how many children can be added to welfare after being on it. (for instance you can go on with 5 kids if a 6th is born within 9 months that you get welfare for that one and then no more but can receive the shot for free—should receive no additional $ – family has responsibility). There is too much of this going on. I do believe the doctor’s were wrong but not sure how this should be ethically outlined. Perhaps if you have two children that you no longer qualify unless you can put $300,000 in a trust fund for each child you have already and an additional $200,000 for each embryo being implanted. That could stop the madness!

    I had a premature baby and they are alot of additional work to take care of properly. The amount of time they are held can help their outcome. This mother was selfish and should be putting some of the babies up for adoption to do the right thing for the chidren. Also, the doctor is being irresponsible to plant more embryo’s than number of children that can be taken care of – it would be wrong to require abortion to a certain number of children but not wrong to require that after say 4 that others must be adopted out.

  9. Andy Says:

    The doctor should lose his license and the all 14 children should be taken from the mother and put up for adoption, she is obviously an unstable person and should not be allowed to have these children. They should also fix her so she can\’t reproduce again.

  10. Sara Says:

    I agree with your comment on valuing life – it is so precious! However this woman found the means to have this done, I think it is wrong all around. Children require tons of care and attention. As a single mother of just ONE, I find it challenging enough, I couldn’t imagine 14! Also, I find it disturbing that there are so many couples waiting for years to adopt since they can not have a family of their own and they are turned down for one reason or another. How can this woman with 6 children already possibly be allowed to have any more when she has no income or additional support? I think this is morally neglegent on the doctors part and this woman clearly has issues of her own. She deserves no more camera time or funding. Those children should go to deserving couples with jobs

  11. Jodi Says:

    First I am against artificial reproduction of children. I believe the natural conception of a child is what God expects of us. It is obvious that money had to come into play with the doctors that allowed her to continually come back and go through the fertility process over and over. That in itself is a moral dilemma. Doctors have the responsibility to know when to tell people no. Especially in circumstances as this woman. The mother must have a motive – which is probably money. Everyone sees shows on tv that covers large families and maybe she felt this was her only chance to make some big money by making a spectacle of herself and her children. All her children should be taken from her. She can’t care for the ones she already has what is going to change!!

  12. Karen Says:

    I too have mixed feelings. Medically I do not beleive that the dr should have implanted all of the eggs and there must be some kind of ethic violation in this. Does she have a right to have children– yes. But it is the way she went about it.She bent the rules of the system to work for her. Student loans are for Education– which I hope she is getting but then how can she with all those children? and For her to say she is not living off any welfare– well that is untrue. food stamps, disability — are these not welfare of a kind. And HOW is she going to pay for the Dr. bills for the birth & her weeks in the hospital and the babies stay in the hospital– oh wait– the tax payer is picking up this tab. I can see why California is bankrupt with this kind of thinking & Morality. I am not saying that you have to have lots of money to raise a child– it is helpful, BUT not absolutely neccessary. My parents raised 4 children on a very simple salary, As did their parents before them– during the depression. Love is important and absolutely neccassary– but Love doesn\’t pay the bills. She made choices– saying that she is responsible– but she has also made the entire society responsible for Her and Her children– because of the way our society is based. Is she a good mother? I am not sure she really concidered her other children. In the interview last night– the kids made some VERY TELLING statements that if she had actually ASKED THEM their feelings or thougths– then in her own words she would not have done this– so it only proved that she is as selfish and the world is pointing out. I do not believe that she is rational. I beleive that with time she will be on FULL wellfare by the sheer nature that it will take A LOT of finacial help to Support this family. It is sad– and only time will tell.

  13. Anton Says:

    I am not sure what the mother’s motives are. A reasonable person would justify the number of children they have by the ability to raise them considering all areas e.g. finance, physiological needs, education, time and love.

    1. “Considering that the cost of raising a single child to adulthood is about $200,000, does a woman who has no income have the right to use artificial means to bring 14 children into the world?”

    I think it is irresponsible! However – she may be gambling on the fact that giving birth to 8 children will provide the necessary funds via sponsorships, interviews etc. She may have been so desperate to go to these lengths or she’s missing something upstairs.

    2. “Is it ethical for a physician to artificially bring about the birth of 14 children to a mother who has no known financial means of raising these children?”

    I think that AI should be taken in the same light as adoption.

    3. “Is it proper for a physician to artificially bring children into a single parent household?”

    I don’t have a problem with this just so long as the parent can afford it and knows what the responsibilities are in the long term. The physician needs to help his/her patient to the best of their abilities.

    4. “Should a woman who is living on public funds be able to use that money to create more children who will most probably be living on public funds?”

    Isn’t this the same as getting another credit card whilst attending debt councelling? I would not have a good feeling about this at all.

    5. “Is this a good thing or something that we don’t want to happen again?”

    I am not in favor of AI, but I suppose that there are special circumstances. Due to the fact that it is artificial, I feel that a procedure should be in place to prevent this scenario, having 8 children that is.

    6. “Is this is something that we as a society should prevent? If so, how should we go about doing this?”

    We should use the adoption process as a template.

    I have seen poverty to the extreme and regardless of your country’s welfare system, I feel it is just like sending your kids to the slums of the earth with no food, clothing, education and love. It is reprehensible to do this to children.

  14. Theresa Sidrow, MPH, RN Says:

    It is definitely not “cool” to have many children “at one shot.” It is a very very high risk pregnancy with possible permanent damage to mother and children. I don’t think anyone will think it is “cool” if one or more of these children turn out to be mentally retarded, or have cerebral palsy, or other lifelong serious handicaps. It would not have been “cool” if the single mother had died of a blood clot or heart attack or stroke. Then exactly who would be the parent to these 14 children?

    Normal pregnancy has risks. Multiple pregnancies, even twins, have greatly increased risks. This is a very serious medical matter. The doctor who implanted 6 embryos should be disciplined by the medical authorities.

  15. Kathy Says:

    Moral and ethical considerations aside, as a mother who values beyond words the well being of my children, I do not believe a person with sincere maternal motives would knowingly put so many children in harm’s way. By implanting so many embryos she effectively guaranteed that many of them would suffer great health risks. That alone is reckless endangerment aided and abetted by the doctor who performed the implantation. It’s a crime. I don’t know where you draw the line in terms of quantity, but I know that the line was crossed. The human body is not designed to produce a litter of healthy children.

  16. lori Says:

    What is to think about here ,the whole thing is very sick. Shame on all involved in this shananigans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. NR Says:

    What bothers me most about this story is the fact that gov’t funds were used to pay for the AI. There are many married couples that can’t have children naturally and can’t afford AI. Resutling in very long waits on adoption lists or sending people to foreign countries to adopt children. If these couples quit their jobs and abused the system could they then be able to “afford” AI???
    It is heart wrenching when a couple finds out they can’t have children when they always dreamed of having a family.
    As a mother of two children I don’t understand how a single mom can adequately care for 14 children. I agree she should not get any more media attention as often times when people have muliple births they get sponsors from companies promoting baby products. Should this have been her motive and she receive money from such sponsors what kind of message does this send out to all others.

  18. G.G. Says:

    I think the doctor that assisted the woman should not be able to perform any type of fertility treatments. Lucky him, he does not have trouble paying for the extreme cost of taxes and insurance as the average american! Use your brain responsibly!

  19. Carinaoz Says:

    I agree with al being said here. Before I married my wonderful husband I was a single mum with two kids and had to work full-time on top of taking night classes at uni once a week, to better my career for myself and my two kids. I very rarely got any extra assistance from the government, because the system saw it that because I was working, they then took the majority of my benefit from me. There was no incentive to work..it was a catch 22. As for funding or extra financial assistance for my kids education, I wasn’t a ‘viable’ candidate for help as the system required me to be at home rather than working to be ‘eligable’ to obtain rebates for my kids school fees. If I wasn’t a ‘viable’ or ‘eligable’ candidate with my kids and I had an income it seems absolutely negligent and utterly irresponsible on all parties involved with bringing these children ino the world. I felt guilty working as, although it was necessary it limited time with my kids, I couldn’t imagine how a mother of 14 would have enough time to spend on each of her children within a single day, especially seeing that 8 are babies! When single parents are working very hard to maintain a happy, healthy balance for their kids and can’t get extra welfare assistance due to it getting taken from them BECAUSE they are working, I think that it’s ridiculous that the Californian state legislation allowed this mother to use that sort of funding for AI. Parents wanting to have families but can’t, choose adoption and they’re bombarded with red tape and are often turned down. Maybe more help should go to those parents, rather than a single mum with 14 kids. How stupid are these legislations!?

  20. Kim Says:

    Hi, Personally I think this woman is totally crazy to even think about doing this. There is a lot more she could do with $100,000 since she is not working and also living with her parents and not paying them any money. I think the doctor was out of his mind to even agree to attempt this procedure for hte woman. One would think she would have been very content with the 6 children but guess not. With the economy today and the cost of food and raising children it is not cheap at all. Yet, this woman now has to raise 14 children but who is really going to be the ones to raise those children. It will be her aging parents, and us the tax payers and that is wrong. The father of the children, even though it was done through artificial insemination, has said he wanted to marry her. Maybe she should think about this. She is going on these talk shows about the babies and making money from it. What is she going to do if some of these children end up having special needs and how is she going to be able to pay for that. It gets costly. If one or more of the babies end up with ADHD or such, that isn\’t going to show up at birth. If she doesnt\’ have insurance and the child needs medicataion whose going to end up paying for that too, us the taxpayers again. My hands are full with 2 children and one being special needs, I know I couldn\’t care for 14 children and be able to give each child the real care that they would need. It takes more than loving them to raise children. She lives in Bell, CA and that isn\’t a real safe area to be living in and to bring children up in.
    I sure hope she doesn\’t think about doing this again. Wonder if this woman will end up losing her kids in time, due to not being able to take care of them finacially. I hope she will get her act together and get a good paying job with good insurance and find a husband who is crazy enought to want to marry her and take on this task that she has done here so us taxpayers don\’t have to pay for her raising her kids. Her parents should be able to enjoy their lives and get ready for their retirement years and have to support her and all these kids.
    I could go on and on here. I can see a married couple who can\’t have children and went this route to have children but for a single, unwed, non working woman to do this is selfish on her part to the children.

  21. kelisa Says:

    I, too, have mixed view on the issue of (IVF) In Vetro Fertilization process because of the medical/health issues of the mother and the fetus( baby). I tend to agree with those who, because of religious/moral issues are against any form of medically assisted pregancy, view that only natural fertilization is accecptable.
    Nevertheless, I am happy for those married couples who would not be able to have child(ren) naturally because of either partner ‘s medical condition prevent them from having child(ren). In some infertitally cases, prespedtive couples seek medical help in pregnancy the donated the egg and/or spermatozoa is that of the biological parents. Often such as these parents feel that they are blessed by God in being able to have the desired and prayed for genetically related child(ren) .
    I suppose there are still those who hang onto the antiquated belief that that having a biologically related child is the best. and view an adopted child as a problem waiting to happen, “since that child is really not your child”. I as an adopted parent I have have to deal with comments, “. . . well. . . that one is really not yours and maybe that is the problem . . .or what ever. ” I do not love one child more than my other both are my children, both are gifts form God.

    I can understand that some people want their own natural offspring, yet I believe that all children how concieved are miracles and gifts from God. But,with the current medical knowledge and awareness about the medical complications that involve both the mother and child(ren) of multiple birth pregnancies and deliveries, notwithstanding the future health related issues of both the mother and child(ren).health, welfare, learning and other developmental issues it seems a little unnecessary for any (medical professional) Doctor to implant so many fertilized embryos in a woman just because she wants to get pregnant.

    The news media can be a little confusing at times with all the reports.
    from what I know the woman was still married when the doctor implanted the embroyos. Whatever, this woman was not one of those I mentioned, she already had six(6) children. According to the news coverage, and her own mother she was over worked and stressed assisting her daughter with the already born and functioning children.

    Yes, I agree with those who have stated beliefs that this woman should not have had more children. Perhaps if the news story is correct, her husband left her after her latetest pregnancy. Legally, still even if he left her, he is still responsible for the children, all of them.

    All we can do, besides all of the talk and comments about this woman, is pray for the children , that they are healty and grow up to be the best people they can be.

    Bless every one.
    This is a new year and we need to pray.

  22. South African Single Mom Says:

    She would never do such a stupid thing here in SA-the most our lovely government gives an unemployed parent is R 420.00-one cant even feed a child for a week on that, never mind clothing nappies etc!! Im a single (divorced) mom that the ex got away with not paying any maintenance-I work 3 jobs-1 fulltime, 2 on the weekends, and have my own business to survive here-and here this woman and her Doctors and whoever else is involved in this experiment, funding, and getting away with this thing!! So who is behind this experiment????????

  23. tara Says:

    i am disgusted with this mother as how dare she say that she cares so much for her kids that have autism and adhd then go out and have even more how will she even be able to spend quality time with her kids without needs. as a parent of 2 special needs kids this is very sad for all of her kids. she has no reality the doctors who agreed to do this should lose their medical practice the only one who suffers here is the kids!!!!!!!

  24. Gigi Says:

    The issue for me with this case is not the money, because she is clearly getting it from somewhere and I don’t believe in judging other’s decisions either.
    As a mother of two being raised in a two, very involved, parent home I know what it takes to bring up healthy and emotionally stable children as well as keeping our sanity. That is my issue: Is one person alone able to give so much to so many, and how can one alone take care of others and herself?
    I know I could not do it. Maybe she can, maybe some of her children will pay the price. Who knows?

  25. Daniel from Florida Says:

    I say the more the merrier! I’m a 44-year-old man whose wife just went through early menopause. I put myself through college, developed a career, and postponed having children until I got married at 37. But now my wife just went through early menopause, and my dreams of having children are fading fast. She has no more eggs left. I’ve looked into surrogacy, but the high cost makes it financially unobtainable, not to mention my wife doesn’t seem to be cool with me having a child with a surrogate. I want a child more than anything. I used to want a big family, now I’d be satisfied with just one child. My wife has two girls from another dude, which satisfies her. Their father is a dead beat, so I’m more or less the father figure in their life. But that isn’t enough for me. I want to look into the eyes of a child and see my own, just like the girl with the octuplets and everyone else out there who has children. Sure she was selfish, but isn’t having children a selfish act anyway? We all want to spread our seeds and pass them down to the next generation. So do I. I would love to find a woman willing to be a surrogate that doesn’t charge $20,000 to $30,000 fees, not to metion the $8,000 per cycle IV procedure (which usually takes two procedures to work). I don’t know about most people, but I don’t have $46,000 laying around to start the procudure. Now that I’m older, I say have as many kids as you can, because you never know when you can’t have ANY. One more thing, for all you haters out there who dis me for this post, I’m sure you already have children (selfish) of your own, so don’t tell me that I’m being selfish for wanting a child of my own. I’m cool with the octuplets woman and anyone who wants to have children, including dead-beat dads. I used to scorn those guys, now I admire them. At least they can say they got kids, which is more than I can say. By the way, if any of you know a female willing to be a surrogate like the octuplet woman, please post it so I can move forward.

  26. dd Says:

    daniel from florida…….you are definitely different!

  27. Judy Says:

    I would like to know where she got the $100,000 to pay for this IVF procedure. I am scared to ask for legilation against this type of thing because I don\’t think that is necessary and would be too invasive of privacy, reproductive rights, and about people making their own decisions. But I do think it is reasonable to limit public funds (aka welfare, foodstamps etc) so that a family does not benefit financially from having additional kids that they cannot support on their own. If she wants to have a gaggle of kids that is her business, but the public dole should not have to pay for anything to support these kids. If that law was on the books to start with, it would disincentivise people from doing this. I personally think the woman is crazy – there is no way anyone can properly raise that many kids at once, especially with financial issues. But I am very hesitant to make laws against it. But it is reasonable to limit public assistance to a set number of children per family and after that there is no additional funds for additional children. There is also a point several others made that couples trying to adopt have to pass stringent tests that this mother would have never passed. Maybe we should consider implementing those same tests against potential ivf candidates.

  28. Barche Says:

    I truly can’t believe this woman. She stated that she is not being selfish and gives all of herself to her children. There is NO way she can give herself to 14 children especially given 8 of them the same age! That is a difficult task for 2 parents, much less 1. Kids really do need both a mother and a father; they get such different stuff from each of them. She claims that she does not want help, yet there is already a website for her and a convenient button to make donations. I really feel for these kids, but I can’t enable such a stupid woman. I would rather take one of the kids and raise it than give her money. Plus, we are already basically giving her money since she and a couple of her kids are already receiving government money. Her own mother stated on TV she was tired of taking care of the other kids, so how in the heck are they going to handle more. And if her mother leaves, what is she going to do then? Who will help her..although she says she doesn’t need any help. I divorced when my 3 kids were 2, 4 and 5. It was so hard and I almost went insane. My ex-husband never took the kids so I had them 24/7. I love my kids to death, but raising them alone and keeping them in line, teaching them everything they needed to know, disciplining them, making sure they stayed out of danger, helping them with school, making sure they knew their manners, keeping them from fighting, etc…is a lot for someone to do alone. I did make it though and my kiddos are pretty good, but it was tough with 3, 14 would be just downright almost impossible. There would just not be enough of a Mom to go around! Someone is to be left out, not get the love, attention, etc. they need. You do what you have to do to take care of your kids no matter what the situation is, but you shouldn’t put yourself (and the rest of the United States population) in a situation like this woman has; because you know we will end up paying for her kids. When I had kids I didn’t know it would end in divorce. She knew she was single, jobless, already had 6 kids, already struggling to take care of the kids she already had, already receiving government money, already had children with disabilities, and she could have multiple babies w/ the procedure she chose. As a Mom I have no problem judging her, I don’t know if she needs attention, has a mental problem or what, but no person in their right mind would intentionally have more kids in the situation she was in. One last comment to the lady who can’t have kids…you are crazy to think it’s okay for her to have this litter of babies and make the rest of the US pay for her stupidity just because you can’t have kids.

  29. Making responsible decisions Says:

    Dr Kane, In an email you asked what exactly did the doctor do wrong….

    Today if a woman goes to get an abortion, she is counseled on the procedure and then must endure a film of the procedure. It is my understanding that part of the counseling includes determing the mindset of the woman and encouraging her to seek help for that as well.

    Apparently the IVF doctor knew about the previous six children. He knew the mindset of the woman as well. He should have encouraged her to not implant embryos but to seek help for her mindset. I do think that it is part of the IVF doctors responsibility to make sure that his patient (the woman) is healthy before going forward with the proceedure.

    As to what is wrong with the woman…well she is saying that obviously nobody can raise 14 kids without support–family, friends, and community. Did she ask this ‘support’ if they were willing to take on the responsibility of raising this family? If so then she needs to forgo the food stamps and get those folks to help. If not, it was beyond wrong.

  30. Lorraine Says:

    I do not think any woman could adequately care for 14 children. This situation will place enormous stress, not only on the woman, but also on her immediate family. A 33 year old woman with 6 children already should not have been considered for IVF. Perhaps the doctor who implanted the 8 embryos should be held accountable and asked to contribute financially towards the care of these innocent 8 babies until they reach 18 years.

  31. Mark Says:

    She can have as many kids as she wants. It is about personal responsibility. Is she able to pay for the Doctor? Does she feel she is able to take care of 14? If she planned to have the state take care of the entire crew then that is wrong. I don’t think it is the Doctor’s responsibility to do back ground checks, is she married, does she have money, etc, etc. As long as she can pay for the doctor’s services then go for it.

  32. Suzanne Says:

    Most of the previous comments were thoughts I indeed had. I agree that we should not give the mother undue attention if that is what she is seeking. She is a polished public relations person and is even studying psychology and will get better at it. Two issues that have not been mentioned that muddied the water even more for me were (according to Mom) the doctor implanted 6 embyos for her previous pregnancies that resulted in single and on twin birth and the 6 fertilized eggs used were already in deep freeze storage from previous attempts. By some accounts they would constitute life and it would have been unethical to let them simply die. Babies 7 & 8 were the result of egg splitting (naturally). No one could have expected all the eggs surviving or the twin splits. If God did not bless the event there were certainly a lot of miracles from another source. I must admit I have watched the TV interviews and was amazingly thrilled to see how alert and healthy the babies looked.

    I believe we need to stop subsidizing \"system children\" after two. By todays census that is a larger than average family. The adults involved should certainly know by that time where babies come from and what raising a child costs. Many people who are paying their own way decide two is all the luxury they can afford. The system is allowing the wrong individuals to become parents of large families and as a taxpayer, the burden is heavy enough.

  33. Jane Says:

    Once again, there is plenty of blame to go around. My concern about the medical profession today is that they do not take enough responsibility for the knowledge that they went to school to obtain. So much emphasis is placed on the consumer to take more responsibility for their care. The consumers did not go to medical school, or to law school or to any other professional training however they are expected to make decisions about their lives with little or no
    meaningful knowledge to work with except what they want . I can’t tell you how often I hear medical professionals saying to their patients “what do you want in this situation?”
    The reason people seeking medical care is because they don’t know what doctors are trained to know. That is what consumers are paying the big bucks for. Knowledge, expertise, judgement, discernment. In a short sighted notion
    to get consumers more involved in their care, professionals have neglected to
    manage carefully the knowledge and training they have.

  34. Jane M. Says:

    Thanks Dr. Kane for a thought provoking concern regarding the instant 8 bundles of joy. How did she raise this money anyway considering she is on welfare and single? Who is cheating who here?
    You know what, the one who paid for the inplanting of the embryos of around 100,000 Dollars may pick up the upbringing as well. There may more behind the scenes than what we are being told or the woman is plain insane.
    How is she going to give her undivided attention to 14 demanding kids?
    What makes her think she can populate the world single handedly? Cant blame the particular doctor though, because there were others willing to do the job,ethics or no ethics. God help her.

  35. Camille Says:

    In Canada there are laws stating how many children can be taken care of in a legal DAY CARE. Why this doesn’t apply in real life, I’m not sure. If you want to adopt or foster care, there are SO many rules. But any idiot can have sex and create life without consequence. Until society starts valueing children, nothing will change. (I.e. I know personally of a woman who has birthed 9 children, all of whom are in foster care – most of whom have F.A.S. or other various problems – why is she even allowed to continue to give birth!!!????) Why don’t crimes against children count – THREE STRIKES YOU’RE OUT FROM CREATING CHILDREN WHO WILL ONLY SUFFER THEIR ENTIRES LIVES. GET YOUR TUBES TIED!!
    It’s about responsibility! Poor kids. If you decide to create life, you should be accoutable by law to give that life the best chance possible. If you can’t do that, don’t have kids.
    Plain and simple, there should be laws that apply to families, same as they apply to day cares. No day care would be allowed to run with one person, no funding and 14 kids (nevermind 8 infants) It would be shut down.

  36. nadia Says:

    i think that the gov’t

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