This article briefly outlines the things parents should look for if they feel their child might have ADHD.

The list of ADHD symptoms are broken down into three main categories:

    1- Inattention
    2- Hyperactivity
    3- Impulsivity

The author elaborates on each category and lists the types of behaviors parents can expect to see n each category.

The author also echoes the main stream opinion that food additives, sugar in the diet and nutritional deficiencies play little role in ADHD. I have written extensively in other places why I feel strongly that is this wrong.

For an excellent list of behavior symptoms of ADHD go to:

Symptoms of ADHD in Children

We want our children to tell us the truth, even when they do something wrong. We feel obligated to address our child’s misbehavior and even give discipline.

These two goals are difficult to balance. If you get it right, you will have an honest, mature, and respectful child. If you get it wrong you will train your child to be sneaky and deceitful.
This article is about getting it right.

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How to Handle Your Child’s Dishonesty